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GPR V5 Dirt Fat Bar Steering Stabilizer for KTM EXC/XCW/XCF-W (2012-2015), Part # 9001-0067, Multiple Colors Available

$ 550.00 $ 495.00

Product Description:

The V4 Dirt Motorcycle Steering Dampers were designed for mounting under the bars without remote adjustment and hoses. Keeping the damper as slim as possible and creating a hollow vane allows for the damper to be mounted almost flush to the top clamp. They also moved the small, easy to use adjustment dial to the left side, out of the way but still easy to adjust. The GPR V4 steering stabilizer is machined from billet stock, anodized and laser engraved. This design is appreciated by Motocross / Supercross and Supermoto teams because there is virtually no change to the rider’s position. This steering stabilizer is durable, adjustable, rebuildable, and most importantly, affordable.


  • Easy installation; no holes, drilling or welding
  • Includes all hardware and lightweight mounting brackets, ensuring accurate fit for your bike
  • Low profile design
  • To be used with OEM triple clamps and Fat 1 1/8” handlebar
  • Raises the bar height 3/4" on average

More racers are using this stabilizer every year. Why? They know it does what a steering damper is supposed to do!

Choose your V4 Dirt Fat Bar motorcycle stabilizer from the following anodized colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Gold.



This Part # 9001-0067 motorcycle damper fits the following bike(s):

KTM EXC  2012

KTM EXC  2013

KTM EXC  2014

KTM EXC  2015


KTM XCW  2012

KTM XCW  2013

KTM XCW  2014

KTM XCW  2015


KTM XCF-W  2012

KTM XCF-W  2013

KTM XCF-W  2014

KTM XCF-W  2015