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GPR V1 Dirt Bike Fat Bar Steering Stabilizer for KTM EXC (2000-2007), MXC (2000-2005), SX (2000-2004), XCW (2006-2007), Part # 6001-0001, Black

$ 475.00 $ 427.50

Color: Black

The V1 retains approximately the same shape as the original motorcycle steering stabilizer, but the internals and adjustments, sensitivity, sweep breaks were all fine tuned over the years.  This steering damper has won hundreds of off-road motorcycle championships and road racing championships around the world.

  • Easy installation, no drilling or welding
  • Precision-machined rotary damper has a range of adjustable settings to give you the edge on and off the track
  • Specially designed to help reduce rider fatigue and eliminate headshake
  • Mounts above the bars
  • Includes all hardware and mounting brackets
  • Designed to be used with OEM motorcycle triple clamps and Fat 1 1/8" handle bars

More racers are using this steering stabilizer every year.  Why?  They know it does what a motorcycle steering damper is supposed to do!

Durable - Adjustable - Affordable - Rebuildable



This Part # 6001-0001 steering damper fits the following bike(s):

KTM EXC  2000

KTM EXC  2001

KTM EXC  2002

KTM EXC  2003

KTM EXC  2004

KTM EXC  2005

KTM EXC  2006

KTM EXC  2007


KTM MXC  2000

KTM MXC  2001 

KTM MXC  2002 

KTM MXC  2003 

KTM MXC  2004 

KTM MXC  2005   


KTM SX  2000

KTM SX  2001

KTM SX  2002

KTM SX  2003

KTM SX  2004


KTM XCW  2006

KTM XCW  2007