IMS Products Info


  • Prepare for the future

    We recommend using some kind of compound to prevent bolts from seizing.  Standard anti-seize or grease will work but we recommend using a silicone on your bolts.  While all three items will prevent seizing, silicone does a better job of keeping dirt out as well as preventing the bolt from vibrating free.

    • Don't tighten bolts too early

    Unless the bolt will be inaccessible after installation, wait to tighten bolts until all the bolts have been started. This will give you a little bit more play when aligning bolts for installation.



    • Drain your Tank

    After every ride drain the fuel from your tank.  This will help limit discoloration of the tank by the fuel. Generally you can expect a natural colored tank to adjust its color to whatever color your fuel is.  Draining the fuel after you are done riding will slow this process as well as limiting any breakdown damage occurring from the naturally volatile additives and other compounds found in today's fuel.

    • Wash your Tank

    Things such as mud, dirt or spilled gas can stain the outside of your tank.  Wash your tank thoroughly with a non-abrasive cleaner to help keep your tank looking like the day you bought it.  We recommend a mixture of laundry detergent and water to maintain a nice finish.  Please remember that abrasive cleaners will scratch the plastic.

    • Prepare your Tank

    If you are planning to place any stickers or graphics on your tank it is advisable to do so before placing fuel into the tank.  Once in the tank fuel prevents graphics from adhering properly.  (Please note that IMS will not be responsible for replacing or reimbursing any graphics placed on an IMS tank for any reason.)

    • SPF your Tank

    The sun and plastic are natural born enemies.  As is the case with any kind of plastic, prolonged exposure to the sun will break down and weather your IMS tank.  Keep your tank under cover to prolong its life exponentially.

    • Ethanol is not your friend

    Trace amounts of ethanol can be found in many of today's fuels and ethanol is naturally destructive to plastics and rubbers.  Find a fuel source that you feel confident is free of ethanol to prevent early wear on your tank, seals and gaskets.

    • Inspect your Tank

    Your tank should be inspected before every ride to check for any leaks or worn out components.  Give special attention to all rubber components such as Gas Cap Seals, Petcock Gaskets and the Petcock itself. Worn out components should be replaced immediately.  A tank that is leaking should NEVER be used for any kind of riding.

    • Go easy on your Tank

    Do not over-tighten bolts into your tank.  When over-tightened the metal inserts can be spun, causing a leak point in your tank.  Also avoid using Locktite on your bolts.  This can cause the bolt to seize and spin upon removal, once again causing a leak.