What is a Steering Stabilizer?

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A steering damper or stabilizer is a small adjustable, hydraulic shock absorber that mounts to the steering head area near your handlebar mount. Stabilizing the front end of your motorcycle will allow the rest of your suspension to work the way it was designed and the motorcycle will track straighter. Additionally, the steering stabilizer also reduces rider fatigue and eliminates suddenly having the handlebars jerked from your hands after hitting some unforeseen object like a rut, tree root or rock. A steering stabilizer will also dramatically reduce the “head-shake" associated with all off-road production motorcycles due to the steeper head angles. It helps keep your motorcycle going straight in all terrains.

How does it work?

Just as your suspension was designed to handle the vertical movement of your motorcycle, a steering stabilizer completes your suspension package by controlling the unwanted lateral movement.  The stabilizer attaches between the handlebars and frame and instantly absorbs any unwanted movement through a system of hydraulic valves.

This video helps explain more about how a steering damper/stabilizer works – watch here: