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GPR V2 Dirt Fat Bar Bike Steering Stabilizer for Yamaha YZ250 (2007-2014), Part # 8004-0004

$ 550.00 $ 495.00

Color: Black

This is the original under-bar design for dirt bike use.

The GPR V2 Motorcycle Steering Stabilizer consists of an original V1 steering damper mounted under the handlebars.  Mounting the damper unit under the bars allows for additional room on the top cross-bar or bar mounts.  If you use a cross bar this area can accommodate a bar pad, GPS system or additional lighting. This motorcycle steering damper is a good choice for riders who would like to raise the handlebar height.  Perfect for desert and off-road GP's.

  • Easy installation, no drilling or welding
  • Precision-machined rotary damper has a range of adjustable settings to give you the edge on and off the track
  • Specially designed to help reduce rider fatigue and eliminate headshake
  • Mounts below the bars
  • Includes all hardware and mounting brackets.  Designed to be used with OEM motorcycle triple clamps and Fat 1 1/8" handle bars
Durable - Adjustable - Affordable - Rebuildable

The V2 Dirt Motorcycle Stabilizer is available in anodized Black.



This Part # 8004-0004 steering damper fits the following bike(s):

Yamaha YZ250  2007

Yamaha YZ250  2008

Yamaha YZ250  2009

Yamaha YZ250  2010

Yamaha YZ250  2011

Yamaha YZ250  2012

Yamaha YZ250  2013

Yamaha YZ250  2014