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Ricochet Anodized Aluminum Skid Plate for Kawasaki KX80/85/100 (1997-2018), Part #220, Multiple Colors Available

$ 104.95

Want to hit it hard on the trail but don't want a crack in your crankcase to ruin your day?  Don't run the risk of having to push your bike all the way back to your starting point.  You need this Skid Plate to protect one of your bike's most vulnerable parts!

  • Customized to fit your specific bike model perfectly with no modifications required
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Individual hole cut-outs are provided to enable routine maintenance
  • Made of heavy duty 3/16“ Aluminum
  • Mounted with super strong heat-treated chrome-moly steel clamps and Stover locking nuts.  These are combined with low profile button head T-40 TORX bolts to ensure a secure mount for your bike.
  • Available in non-corrosive Clear Anodized Aluminum as well as custom Anodized colors.  Clear Anodized ships within 1-2 business days.  Custom Colors are an additional $25; please allow 2-3 weeks for Anodization process and delivery on Custom Colors.  See picture of anodize colors and Custom Color policy.

Choose your Skidplate from the following anodized colors:  Clear Aluminum, Black, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red, or Gun Metal.



This Skid Plate Part #220 fits the following bike(s):

Kawasaki KX80  1997

Kawasaki KX80  1998

Kawasaki KX80  1999

Kawasaki KX80  2000

Kawasaki KX80  2001

Kawasaki KX80  2002

Kawasaki KX80  2003

Kawasaki KX80  2004

Kawasaki KX80  2005

Kawasaki KX80  2006

Kawasaki KX80  2007

Kawasaki KX80  2008

Kawasaki KX80  2009

Kawasaki KX80  2010

Kawasaki KX80  2011

Kawasaki KX80  2012

Kawasaki KX80  2013

Kawasaki KX80  2014

Kawasaki KX80  2015

Kawasaki KX80  2016

Kawasaki KX80  2017

Kawasaki KX80  2018


Kawasaki KX85  1997

Kawasaki KX85  1998

Kawasaki KX85  1999

Kawasaki KX85  2000

Kawasaki KX85  2001

Kawasaki KX85  2002

Kawasaki KX85  2003

Kawasaki KX85  2004

Kawasaki KX85  2005

Kawasaki KX85  2006

Kawasaki KX85  2007

Kawasaki KX85  2008

Kawasaki KX85  2009

Kawasaki KX85  2010

Kawasaki KX85  2011

Kawasaki KX85  2012

Kawasaki KX85  2013

Kawasaki KX85  2014

Kawasaki KX85  2015

Kawasaki KX85  2016

Kawasaki KX85  2017

Kawasaki KX85  2018


Kawasaki KX100  1997

Kawasaki KX100  1998

Kawasaki KX100  1999

Kawasaki KX100  2000

Kawasaki KX100  2001

Kawasaki KX100  2002

Kawasaki KX100  2003

Kawasaki KX100  2004

Kawasaki KX100  2005

Kawasaki KX100  2006

Kawasaki KX100  2007

Kawasaki KX100  2008

Kawasaki KX100  2009

Kawasaki KX100  2010

Kawasaki KX100  2011

Kawasaki KX100  2012

Kawasaki KX100  2013

Kawasaki KX100  2014

Kawasaki KX100  2015

Kawasaki KX100  2016

Kawasaki KX100  2017

Kawasaki KX100  2018